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Spektr Module

This shot of Spektr was taken after the collision with the Progress spacecraft. Note damage to solar arrays.

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For the experimental black metal/black ambient band, see Spektr (band).

Spektr (; ) (TKM-O, 77KSO, 11F77O) was the fifth module of the Mir Space Station. The module was designed for remote observation of Earth's environment containing atmospheric and surface research equipment. Spektr also had four solar arrays which generated about half of the station's electrical power.

Spektr (band)

Spektr is an experimental black metal duo formed in 2000, in Paris, France. They are currently signed to Candlelight Records and have released two full-length albums to date. The band's sound is a mix of raw black metal in style of Darkthrone with elements of industrial and dark ambient, which has drawn comparisons to the more recent works of fellow countrymen Blut Aus Nord.

Their work has drawn very wide attention and acclaim, with their first being dubbed 'the weirdest black metal album ever' by Aquarius Records in San Francisco, and their second being acclaimed as "absolutely essential, unique and memorable" and "an album with a solid artistic value".

Very little is known about the members of this group, other than that they are also involved with the black metal groups Battlehorns and Haemoth.

The band is scheduled to release its fourth full-length album, entitled The Art to Disappear, on 29 January 2016 via Agonia Records.