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n. (plural of speed English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: speed)

Usage examples of "speeds".

To a fighter pilot life consisted of Speeds and the rest of the world.

Now it was a matter of matching speeds, a finicky operation in untroubled times.

The Speeds in their rows began to tremble as their pilots powered up, almost expectantly, like thoroughbreds at a starting gate.

Magfields gripped and thrust, and the first wave of three Speeds were hurled forward with shocking force, dwindling from full size to dots in less time than it took to draw a full breath, then vanishing.

Sutton was keeping the best fliers in his squadron, the ones who could do witchcraft with their Speeds, who never got caught flat-footed.

One of the Godless pilots was dead, two Speeds were totally destroyed and would not trouble the Ecclesia again, and many other Speeds were severely damaged.

Peter thought one last time before he turned his mind to preparing his Speeds for launch.

The image of the moon pinwheeled as the Space Command pilot went through a victory roll, then slipped out of the viewer as they pulled their Speeds back toward the darkness.

Do you think the Fibs are just going to sit there and let our Speeds do that?

Their captain will probably figure that the ice will protect them from any damage the Speeds can do.

The markers for his Speeds blinked in his holohelmet as they fired, lasers and light rapid-fire plasma cannon.

From a convex plate the Speeds turned into a cup reaching to enfold the Fibian destroyers.

As the last of the Speeds limped home and the great outer doors closed, he overrode the safety lock that would have kept them waiting outside Main Deck until the air pressure equalized.

The Speeds could wait, though their tattered look wrenched at his heart.

Lieutenant Robbins and I have worked out a plan whereby we can salvage seven of our most severely damaged Speeds by cannibalizing four that were too damaged to repair, leaving us with a total of twenty-six more or less operable, although our supply of spares is dangerously low.