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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

trademark name of a brand of swimwear, 1928, originally made by McRae Hosiery Manufacturers, Australia. From speed.


Etymology 1 n. (context informal English) A speedometer, particularly one in a race car or other automobile. Etymology 2

n. (alternative form of Speedo English)


Speedo International Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of swimwear and swim-related accessories based in Nottingham, UK. Founded in Sydney, Australia in 1914, the industry leading company is now a subsidiary of the British Pentland Group. Today, the Speedo brand can be found on products ranging from swimsuits and goggles to wrist watches and MP3 players. The Speedo brand is manufactured for and marketed in North America as Speedo USA by the PVH under exclusive perpetual licence, who acquired prior licencee Warnaco Group in 2013.

In accordance with its Australian roots, Speedo uses a boomerang as their symbol. Due to their success in the swimwear industry, the word "Speedo" has become synonymous with racing bathing suits.

Speedo (disambiguation)

Speedo may refer to:

  • Speedo International Limited, a swimsuit manufacturer
  • Swim briefs, sometimes referred to as "Speedos" regardless of the manufacturer
  • Bitstream Speedo Fonts, a typeface
  • "Speedo", 1955 song recorded by the singing group The Cadillacs
  • Earl Carroll (vocalist), also known as "Speedo"
  • Gary Speed, late Welsh footballer and manager, nicknamed "Speedo"

Usage examples of "speedo".

We went sailing one time, and he wore a Speedo, and any smart woman should know that means bisexual at least.

Then Manus goes to in front of a mirror in the apartment we used to share, wearing his white Speedo, and he asks, if I were a gay guy would I want to bang him up the butt?

His being a detective meant he crunched around in good weather, in his sandals and his lucky red Speedo, while two plainclothes men nearby in a parked car waited for somebody to take the bait.

Both cops were in jeans and tennis shoes, Fortney, who was conscious of his expanding belly, wore a faded unbuttoned sport shirt over a Speedo print tee.

Finding out if my mental image of Jenks in a Speedo matched reality would be worth a few goose bumps.

Before I knew it class was over and Marshal was gone, without my having gotten more than a good look at him in his Speedo and a bad case of the flushing stammers as I tried to gain his attention and his help.

Unlike the rest of us in wet suits, he was wearing only a black Speedo and a red windbreaker, his bare, comfortably muscled legs showing goose bumps.

He jumped, and a second or two later his pendulous breasts jumped, which meant that when Speedo Guy was coming down, his breasts were still going up and appeared to be assaulting him.

When Speedo Guy was finished, he ran off the court and stationed himself directly next to me.

I wished the cheerleader had befriended Speedo, despite his abominable performance.

Way he moved, he was like a man with a mission, nothing real unusual there, except the dude was in a tiny red Speedo and nothing else.

The guard fell to his knees, screaming in pain, and Speedo stepped around him like he was doggy doo on the sidewalk.

The first couple of cops to reach Speedo tried to whack him with their batons and collar him.

The other cop clicked empty, then, when Speedo was almost on top of him, he threw the Glock at the old man.

As she approached his prone figure covered by nothing but the narrow strip of his black Speedo, her own eyes were focused with equal intensity on the spare, sinewy lines of his body.