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n. (plural of speck English)

Usage examples of "specks".

And that had been what the Specks intended when they used their magic to send their disease against us.

One is that the Specks would be exposing themselves to the illness every time they danced the dance.

As you might be pleased to know, the other outbreak I witnessed was close to the Barrier Mountains, and yes, the Specks had performed a Dust Dance before the outbreak.

Simple, natural peoples like the Specks are often unaware that all diseases have a cause and hence are preventable.

As for the rest, well, now that he knew the source, no Plainsman would ever unleash this magic against the Specks of the mountains again.

Now no one can pass that way, and the Specks have to come down to trade.

As they waved at me, they laughed, and told me to keep good watch tonight, lest the Specks come to steal my latest resident.

He paid these Specks no more mind than if they were jaybirds hopping near him in his pasture.

A paranoid fear that there were actually unseen Specks all around me suddenly seized me.

I spoke over my shoulder to the watching Specks as I tightened the rope that lashed the corpse to my saddle.

It seems to me I might better serve in my post if I could find a way to prevent the Specks from stealing bodies before summer and the plague season hits.

Dogs do not seem to like Specks and Specks certainly do not like dogs.

Either she had left me and gone back to wherever Specks came from, or she was close by but choosing to remain in concealment.

I was surprised that he had felt comfortable cutting trees in the forest when the Specks seemed to so oppose our tree cutting for our road.

The first was that a contingent of Specks had set up a scattered tent village on the outskirts of Gettys.