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This fourme and lybertye of writinge, and charge hathe taken vpon hym the Right excellent and worthy Mayster Sebastian Brant Doctour of both the Lawes and noble Oratour and Poete to the comon welthe of al people in playne and comon speche of Doche in the contrey of Almayne: to the ymytacion of Dant Florentyne: and Francis Petrarche Poetes heroycal which in their maternal langage haue composed maruelous Poemes and ficcions.

A good wif was ther, of biside Bathe, He was to synful man nat despitous, Ne of his speche daungerous ne digne, But in his techyng discreet and benygne.

And to the crowe he stirte, and that anon, And pulled hise white fetheres everychon, And made hym blak, and refte hym al his song, And eek his speche, and out at dore hym slong, Unto the devel-which I hym bitake!

I meene of Marke, Mathew, Luc, and John, But doutelees hir sentence is al oon, Therfore, lordynges alle, I yow biseche If that yow thynke I varie as in my speche, As thus, though that I telle somwhat moore Of proverbes, than ye han herd bifoore, Comprehended in this litel tretys heere, To enforce with theffect of my mateere, And though I nat the same wordes seye As ye han herd, yet to yow alle I preye, Blameth me nat.

But sires, by cause I am a burel man, At my bigynnyng first I yow biseche, Have me excused of my rude speche.

It is al baudy and to-tore also, Why is thy lord so sluttissh, I the preye, And is of power bettre clooth to beye, If that his dede accorde with thy speche?

Nathelees it happed, er they thennes wente, By cause that he was hir neighebour, And was a man of worship and honour, And hadde yknowen hym of tyme yoore, They fille in speche, and forthe moore and moore Unto this purpos drough Aurelius.

Whil this yeman was thus in his talkyng, This Chanoun drough hym neer, and herde al thyng Which this Yeman spak, for suspecioun Of mennes speche evere hadde this Chanoun.