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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spearwort \Spear"wort`\, n. [AS. sperewyrt.] (Bot.) A name given to several species of crowfoot ( Ranunculus) which have spear-shaped leaves.


n. Any of various perennial herbaceous plants in the ''Ranunculus'' (buttercup) genus.


Usage examples of "spearwort".

The voluntary means proceed from outward causes, as by making of corrosives, and applying the same to the more fleshy parts of their bodies, and also laying of ratsbane, spearwort, crowfoot, and such like unto their whole members, thereby to raise pitiful and odious sores, and move the hearts of the goers-by such places where they lie, to yearn at their misery, and thereupon bestow large alms upon them.

The only possibility had been the lesser spearwort, but it was such a strong emetic it would finish Tory off completely in her hopelessly weakened state.