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n. (plural of spear English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: spear)

Spears (disambiguation)

Spears may refer to:

  • A plural of spear
  • Spears (surname), people with the surname Spears
  • Spears (album), a 1985 album by Tribal Tech
  • Spears, Kentucky
  • Kubota Spears, Japanese Top-League rugby team
  • Southern Spears, a South African rugby team
  • Spears Motorsports, a defunct NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series team
Spears (album)

Spears is the 1985 debut album by fusion band Tribal Tech, a project led by guitarist Scott Henderson and bassist Gary Willis.

Spears (surname)

Spears is an English surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Aries Spears (born 1975), US actor and comedian
  • Billie Jo Spears (1937–2011), US country singer
  • Britney Spears (born 1981), US pop singer
  • Frank Sydney Spears (1906–1991), a South African artist and designer
  • Jamie Lynn Spears (born 1991), US actress and singer (younger sister of Britney Spears)
  • Lynne Spears (born 1955), mother of Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears
  • Ken Spears (born 1942), co-founder of Ruby-Spears Productions
  • Kendra Spears (born 1988), US fashion model
  • Major-General Sir Edward Spears, Bt, KBE (1886–1974), British army officer, MP and author
  • Marcus Spears (offensive tackle) (born 1971), NFL footballer
  • Marcus Spears (defensive end) (born 1983), NFL footballer
  • Rick Spears, American comics writer
  • Shawn Spears (born 1981), Canadian professional wrestler born Ronnie Arneill and also known as Gavin Spears
  • Tony Spears (born 1965), professional rugby league footballer of the 1980s
  • Warren Spears (1954-2005), US dancer and choreographer

Usage examples of "spears".

Faded shields were stacked against a vast clay pot in which a sheaf of cobwebbed spears was thrust.

Nimue crossed to the sheaf of spears and scooped up a handful of cobwebs that she slapped on to my bleeding palm.

The shields were all the same size, the spears all of a length and the soldiers all marched in step, an extraordinary sight that made me laugh at first though later I became used to it.

The stone men carried sheaves of stone spears and wore stone helmets with soaring stone crests.

Silurians alone were silent as the spears splintered the pavement and the warrior cheers echoed in the smoky cavernous dark.

King Gorfyddyd had lost the alliance of Siluria, but instead of turning on Gundleus he ignored the Dumnonian marriage and concentrated his spears against the Saxons who threatened his northern territory.

They had come from the war and so they carried spears, shields and swords.

Others leaped into coracles and used their spears as paddles, but no coracle could match a reed punt for speed and so we left them far behind.

Both men carried long spears and the second man also had a sword at his belt, though he had not yet drawn it.

The Dumnonian horsemen formed behind our line of spears to protect the women and children so long as they could.

Silurians ran screaming from their line and hurled their long spears at the centre of our defence.

Those of our men whose shields were cumbered with the enemy spears wrenched the weapons loose, then made the shield-wall whole again.

We shuffled back, shuffled back, shuffled back, but suddenly a charge of the enemy made us stand firm and duck behind our shields as the spears were hurled.

Owain was a target for a dozen spears, but most missed and the others he swept contemptuously aside with spear or shield before mocking the throwers.

The two men unbound their hair, took up their spears and swords, then danced in front of the Silurian line.