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vb. (en-third-person singular of: speak)

Usage examples of "speaks".

Dodd speaks of a child who menstruated early and continued up to the time of impregnation.

Law speaks of a plethoric woman of thirty who bled freely from the eyes, though menstruating regularly.

Krishaber speaks of a case of lingual menstruation at the epoch of menstruation.

Forster speaks of a menstrual ulcer of the face, and Moses two of the head.

Dupuytren speaks of denudation of the skin from a burn, with the subsequent development of vicarious catamenia from the seat of the injury.

Rosenbladt cites an instance of menstruation by the bladder, and Salmuth speaks of a pregnant woman who had her monthly flow by the urinary tract.

Salmuth speaks of a woman on whose hands appeared spots immediately before the establishment of the menses.

Ephemerides contains an instance of the simulation of menstruation after death, and Testa speaks of menstruation lasting through a long sleep.

Fournier speaks of a man over thirty years old, who had been the subject of a menstrual evacuation since puberty, or shortly after his first sexual intercourse.

Gelly speaks of a case in which menstruation continued until the third month of pregnancy, when abortion occurred.

Harle speaks of a child, the youngest of three girls, who had a bloody discharge at the age of five months which lasted three days and recurred every month until the child was weaned at the tenth month.

Warner speaks of Sophie Gantz, of Jewish parentage, born in Cincinnati, July 27, 1865, whose menses began at the twenty-third month and had continued regularly up to the time of reporting.

Rodsewitch speaks of a widow of a peasant who menstruated for the first time at the age of thirty-six.

Berthold speaks of a kid fourteen days old which was impregnated by an adult goat, and at the usual period of gestation bore a kid, which was mature but weak, to which it gave milk in abundance, and both the mother and kid grew up strong.

He also speaks of a mulatto girl, born in 1848, who began to menstruate at eleven years and nine months, and gave birth to a female child before she reached thirteen, and bore a second child when fourteen years and seven months old.