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n. 1 (obsolete form of speech English) 2 (misspelling of speech English)

Usage examples of "speach".

Francis said that aunt Sarah and Keene and Cele set up strate and father tride to look as if he dident know who he meant and i said my speach over soft, to be sure i had it rite.

For that same Brute, whom much he did aduaunceIn all his speach, was Syluius his sonne,Whom hauing slaine, through luckles arrowes gla&utilde.

She led him vp into a goodly bowre,And comely courted with meet modestie,Ne in her speach, ne in her hauiour,Was lightnesse seene, or looser vanitie,But gratious womanhood, and grauitie,Aboue the reason of her youthly yeares:Her golden lockes she roundly did vptyeIn breaded tramels, that no looser hearesDid out of order stray about her daintie eares.

After him Vther, which Pendragon hight,Succeding There abruptly it did end,Without full point, or other Cesure right,As if the rest some wicked hand did rend,Or th'Authour selfe could not at least attendTo finish it: that so vntimely breachThe Prince him selfe halfe seemeth to offend,Yet secret pleasure did offence empeach,And wonder of antiquitie long stopt his speach.

At last when they were passed out of sight,Yet she did not her spightfull speach forbeare,But after them did barke, and still backbite,Though there were none her hatefull words to heare:Like as a curre doth felly bite and teareThe stone, which passed straunger at him threw.

But to his speach he aunswered no whit,But stood still mute, as if he had beene dum,Ne signe of sence did shew, ne common wit,As one with griefe and anguishe ouercum,And vnto euery thing did aunswere mum:And euer when the Prince vnto him spake,He louted lowly, as did him becum,And humble homage did vnto him make,Midst sorrow shewing ioyous semblance for his sake.

Well Ethen I must go out and drill some more now & probably we will half to listen to some Boston bird makeing a speach they are great fellos for speaches about down with Brittish tirrany & give me liberty or give me death but if you was to ast me Ethen I would say give me back that house & barn what those lousie redcotes burnt & when this excitement is all over what I want to know is Ethen where do I get off at.

Her incoherent speach makes it really difficult for McKie and Furuneo to understand her.