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SPEA may refer to:

  • Arginine decarboxylase, an enzyme
  • SPEA (company)
  • School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University
SPEA (company)

SPEA is an Italian company that designs and manufactures Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) for testing microchips and electronic boards.

The Company, founded in 1976 by Luciano Bonaria, as Sistemi Per l'Elettronica e l'Automazione, who still is its President, today employs about 450 people, distributed among the Italian headquarters in Volpiano ( Turin) and 24 offices in the worldwide markets, such as USA, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Israel, Singapore, Japan, Korea, China and India.

The main application fields for SPEA's equipment are the following:

  • EMS
  • Industry
  • Consumer
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Aerospace
  • Defence

In all these fields, SPEA's equipment are used to monitor electronic devices so that they operate without interruption.