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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spaw \Spaw\, n. See Spa.


n. (alternative form of spa English)

Usage examples of "spaw".

It runs from a lofty gowl in the Grampians down to the slate-mines at Ballachulish, at the heid of the loch called Linnhe, which runs down to plash the shores of Mull and spaw into the Atlantic.

The gardens of a neighboring Spaw came up close to it on one side, making the parcel seem larger than it was.

This was a good bit smaller, newer, and meaner than the Oldcastle estate, being a Spaw lately thrown up round a natural cave at the foot of the rise that led up eventually to Islington.

Henry Sidney, brother to Algernon, and uncle to the earl of Sunderland, came over under pretence of drinking the waters at Spaw, and conveyed still stronger assurances of a universal combination against the measures of the king.