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n. (plural of spasm English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: spasm)


Spasms is a 1983 Canadian horror film directed by William Fruet.

Usage examples of "spasms".

In such cases there are often spasms and pains accompanied by sensations of coldness and numbness.

This disorder belongs to the class of diseases known as local spasms, of which other varieties exist in such affections as spasmodic asthma and colic.

The principal remedy in cramps, spasms, neuralgias, twitchings, paroxysms, etc.

The effects in different cases have been spasms, a sense of strangling, profuse sweating,--all showing a profound disturbance of the nervous system.

He was suffering from one of those acute spasms of home-sickness, which invariably racked him in the earlier Summer months.

Its bulk shuddered with nervous spasms, and its eyes showed more white than brown.

You were coughing so hard, spitting so much blood, I wanted to give you something to calm the spasms, but I thought you should bring up the phlegm without so much effort, too.

She was looking at her son, watching his regular breathing interrupted by twitching eye movements and little jerky spasms that started him making sucking motions with his mouth before relaxing again.

At dawn, and from hour to hour throughout the day, I went to see him where he sprawled on a paillasse on the floor, like some redhaired stricken beast, with out-stretched limbs, convulsed by spasms which displaced the dirty blanket that covered him.