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n. (plural of spa English)

SPAS (TV channel)

Spas is a federal channel in Russia which is associated with the Russian Orthodox Church. It started broadcasting in on July 28, 2005. The main owner of the channel is the Moscow Patriarchate of the Russian Orthodox Church. The founders of the TV channel are Alexander Batanov (died in 2009) and Ivan Demidov.


Spas may refer to:

  • Spas, Russia, several rural localities in Russia
  • Spas, Staryi Sambir Raion, a village in Tershiv Rural Council of Staryi Sambir Raion in Lviv Oblast, Ukraine
  • Spas, Kamianka-Buzka Raion, a village in Streptiv Rural Council of Kamianka-Buzka Raion in Lviv Oblast, Ukraine

Usage examples of "spas".

See chapter 4 for details on Napa spas, chapter 5 for Sonoma, and chapter 6 for Hotel Healdsburg.

Calistoga, this small European-style inn and spa provides a level of solitude and privacy that few other spas can match.

With the number of spas throughout the world growing at an incredible rate, how do you know which spa is best for your needs?

There are many seaside, country, and mountain resort spas that are a perfect choice for active families, couples, close friends, or even coworkers.

The essential difference between a destination spa and other spas is focus.

Destination spas are usually located in spacious and nurturing settings, such as the pristine islands of Hawaii, the mountains of Colorado, a remote country estate in Vermont, or a spacious manor in Europe, where hydrotherapy techniques such as sauna and whirlpool remain popular.

If you have a chronic medical condition, such as diabetes or hypertension, destination spas may provide assistance in how to manage your health with specialized diet and exercise.

Most day spas offer a variety of treatments, from a half-hour massage, body wrap, or facial to an herbal bath, hydrotherapy treatment, or reflexology treatment.

Some spas, such as weight-loss spas and medical spas, coordinate a treatment schedule for guests prior to arrival.

Many spas plan designated weeks with reduced rates to accommodate a group.

A stimulation gel can be purchased at most health-food stores and day spas, or check my website for recommendations.

Scott knew that most of the guests were in the spas, working out, being pummeled and patted and scrubbed and plucked so that when they went home at the end of their stay, their families and friends would gush over how marvelous they looked.

Min had wanted Ted acquitted so that she could license Cypress Point Spas in all his new hotels.

Min and the Baron in charge of creating a dozen Cypress Point Spas all over the world.

Now its once cozy rooms would raise only a sneer from a generation used to the sprawling comfort of luxury hotels with their spas and king-sized beds.