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Sparsh is the Sanskrit word for touch. It can refer to:

  • Sparsh, a technique for playing a note in Indian classical music
  • Sparsh (film), a 1980 Indian film
  • Sparsh (TV series), aired on Sony Entertainment Television (India) in 2000
  • Sparsh (software), an interaction technique to copy-paste data between digital devices
Sparsh (film)

Sparsh ( Devnagari: स्पर्श, in English: Touch) is a 1980 Indian Hindi feature film directed by Sai Paranjpye. It stars Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi playing the characters of a visually impaired principal and a sighted teacher in a school for the blind, where they fall in love though soon their complexes tag along and they struggle to get past them to reconnect with the "touch" of love. The film remains most memorable for the subtle acting of its leads, plus the handling of the issue of relationships with the visually handicapped, revealing the emotional and perception divide between the world, the "blind" and the "sighted", epitomized by the characters. The film won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Hindi

The film won numerous awards including National Film Award – Best Actor for Naseeruddin Shah, while Sai Paranjpye got the Best Screenplay. At the Filmfare Awards, it won the top two: that of Best Movie and Filmfare Award – Best Director, plus a Best Dialogue Award for Sai Paranjpye. Further, Shabana Azmi was nominated for Best Actress, which she eventually won for the film Bhavna, while Naseeruddin Shah was nominated for Best Actor lost out to Anupam Kher in Saaransh.

Sparsh (software)

'SPARSH' is a novel interaction method to transfer data between digital devices by simple touch gestures. Sparsh prototype system is designed and developed by Pranav Mistry, Suranga Nanayakkara of the MIT Media Lab. Sparsh lets the user touch whatever data item he or she wants to copy from a device. At that moment, the data item is conceptually saved in the user. Next, the user touches the other device he or she wants to paste/pass the saved content into. Sparsh uses touch-based interactions as indications for what to copy and where to pass it. Technically, the actual transfer of media happens via the information cloud. The user authentication is achieved by face recognition, fingerprint detection or username-password combination. Sparsh lets the user conceptually transfer media (pictures, text, video, links) from one digital device to one's body and pass it to the other digital device by simple touch gestures. At present, Sparsh system support Android and Windows platform.

Sparsh (Festival)

Sparsh” is the annual Cultural festival of the Sardar Vallabhbhai National Institute of Technology. It usually takes place in the second or third week of February, and is one of the largest of its kind in the Western Region. This five-day festival consists of Mega-attractions, Informal events, Technical events, Managerial events among numerous other competitions like Band-Wars, Sparsh Idol and many more. The festivities of the day are followed by the 'Sparsh Nights'-the Inaugural Night, Singing Night, Dancing Night, Fashion Night and Celebrity Night. Every year the team of Sparsh comes out with new and exciting themes and adds even more thrill to the fest. In the Past few years Sparsh had interesting themes like "Bridging the Gap between Rural and Urban India", "Celebrating the Indian Cinema", "Halloween" etc. Such a concept has resulted in attracting even more crowd.