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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Having met her just that once, she was so sparky and ritzy.
▪ He was out to reveal a spunky, sparky, spontaneous self which had in fact never existed.
▪ Quite sparky, she copes well under pressure, but it is not unknown for her to lose her temper.
▪ The chemistry between Russell and Stowe sparky, but mostly good-humoured is off-set against the cloying danger presented by Liotta's character.
▪ This sparky kid in Ray-Bans and monogrammed racing overalls is one of the resident instructors at Snetterton.

a. lively and animated. n. 1 (context US Navy English) A radio operator. 2 (context UK Australia New Zealand English) An electrician; an electrical engineer.


Sparky is a common nickname for people and animals. In the British Commonwealth, it can also be used to refer to an electrician.

Sparky (comics)

Sparky was a British comic published weekly by DC Thomson, that ran from (issue dates) 23 January 1965 to 9 July 1977 when it merged with The Topper after 652 issues. From 1965-1980 the comic published an annual entitled The Sparky Book. It was a DC Thomson comic, originally aimed at a slightly younger audience to The Beano and The Dandy later it was aimed at the same audience. It changed its name to The Sparky Comic in 1973.

Usage examples of "sparky".

Miss Amity appeared to be a sparky, photogenic woman in her early fifties, well-preserved, compact, her hair a range of different colours from copper to blonde.

On the way back from the Greenwood County Courthouse, he would pop in on his mother, who was at a nursing home along the way, or visit Sparky, a scalper who was holding tickets for a Hands game.

So did Kid Kolmer and the Ghost and Sparky Latimer and Diamond Jim, we always called him that because he wore such ratty clothes.

Thus, as soon as the mayordomo on that ditch, Sparky Pacheco, discovered Seferino Pacheco was flooding his front field around the clock, he came by positively reeking with dire threats.

In his slivers of five years in the big leagues he played for four famous managers: Sparky Andersen, Tom Kelly, Davey Johnson, and Tony La Russa.

American flags, the state flag, and a sheriffs posse flag, Joe, Claudio Garcia, Eliu Archu-leta, Sparky Pacheco, Nick Rael, Eusebio Lavadie, and a few others rode their horses into the arena and lined up for the National Anthem.

We knew just by the way he looked that he wasn't made for Old Sparky, and we were right - less than a week after Percy's second run at that mouse, The Pres's sentence was commuted to life and he joined the general population.

This was in the boom days of Miami and, in a way, Sparky Harper had been a proud pioneer of the shameless, witless boosterism that made Florida grow.

Sparky Harper and the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce adored travel writers because travel writers never wrote stories about street crime, water pollution, fish kills, beach erosion, refugees, AIDS epidemics, nuclear accidents, cocaine smugglers, gun-runners, or race riots.

The last time Old Sparky malfunctioned, cop killer Jesse Tafero ignited not once, not twice but three times.

Now, Sparky, we understand it was through ignorance that you didn't report your creative work until you were made aware of it.

The glass had barely tinkled to rest around their feet when Harlan Betchel, Nick Rael, Ray Gusdorf, Bernabe Montoya, Betty Apodaca, Carl Abeyta and Floyd Cowlie, and Sparky Pacheco and Tobias Mon-dragon careened into the bar to see who was getting laid out.

But there was never any lack of reporters when Sparky was in town, so these lights and mini-pyros were rented from a firm specializing in hub-bub, called Hub-Bub Inc.

Now, I should think it's about time to try the Spider Special and a couple cases of Sparky Willie on that pack before they get spread out too much—.

It was not a good place for an innocent man, but Keyes was hopeful that this was where Sparky Harper had spent his final earthly moments.