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a. (context informal English) brand spanking new

Spanky (disambiguation)

Spanky can refer to:

Related to Our Gang:

  • A character in the Our Gang (aka The Little Rascals) comedies
  • George McFarland (1928–1993), American child actor who played Spanky in Our Gang
    • Spanky (film), an Our Gang short film

As a nickname:

  • Chalmers Alford (1955–2008), American guitarist
  • Spanky Davis (born 1943), American jazz trumpeter
  • Spanky DeBrest (1937–1973), American jazz bassist
  • Frank Dyson (born c. 1931), British rugby league footballer
  • Michael Fincke (born 1967), NASA astronaut
  • Ed Kirkpatrick (1944–2010), American Major League Baseball utility player
  • Kevin Long (skateboarder) (born 1984), American professional skateboarder
  • Elaine McFarlane, vocalist of Spanky and Our Gang, an American 1960s folk-rock band
  • Michael Russell (tennis) (born 1978), American tennis player
  • Al Spangler (born 1933), American retired Major League Baseball player

Other uses:

  • a ring name of Brian Kendrick (born 1979), American professional wrestler
  • Spanky Ham, a character on the Comedy Central program Drawn Together
Spanky (film)

Spanky is a 1932 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. It was the 113th (25th talking episode) Our Gang short that was released. The film was based on Our Gang co-star George "Spanky" McFarland.

Usage examples of "spanky".

Spanky bent forward with an agonised shout and the epidermis split further apart across his back.

You could see no detail from studying the russet splodges on the lid, but Spanky knew that the ancient gods lay beneath a layer of grime, longing for the chance to shine again.