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The Španje or Španji are an extinct tribe of non- Slavic origin recorded at the end of the medieval period in the region of Nikšić and valley of river Zeta in modern-day Montenegro. According to legends, Španji are the most ancient tribe in this region. Legends also say that many other tribes ( Mataruge, Mataguže, Macure, Malonšići, Kriči, Bukumiri) were actually parts of Španje tribe. Rovinski recorded some legends that Španji were in conflict with other ancient tribes like Macure, Lužani and Bukumire. Legends also say that they were beardless. Lužani that lived in the region of rivers Tara and Lim were traditionally seen as a mixture of Španje and Slav immigrants.

Serbianization of Španji and other tribes in the region began in 6th and 7th century and according to M. Radovanović (2004) was completed when Serbs from surrounding regions retreated to mountains of Montenegro and Herzegovina because of the 14th and 15th century Ottoman invasion.

Vladimir Ćorović etymologically related them with the Albanian tribe Spana mentioned around Shkodër and Drivast in the beginning of 14th century. Georgije Span (Spanus) from Lješ was town pharmacist in Kotor (1439–43), then Ragusa, and again in Kotor where died in 1458. Toponyms Španjska gradina (where was founded Spuž) and Španjsko katunište in mountain Vražegrmac derive from the tribal name.