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Spania was a province of the Byzantine Empire from 552 until 624 in the south of the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. It was established by the Emperor Justinian I in an effort to restore the western provinces of the Empire.

Spania (Despina Vandi song)

"Spania" ( Greek:Σπάνια) is a platinum CD single by popular Greek artist Despina Vandi released in 1998 by Minos EMI. The single was totally composed by popular composer Phoebus. The CD single was a forerunner of the cd Profities which was released the next year and containing the two songs of the single.

Spania (genus)

Spania is a genus of snipe fly of the family Rhagionidae. Some authorities place this genus in the family Spaniidae Nagatomi, 1975, this move has not however yet gained much widespread acceptance.

Spania are small - 2 to 3.0 mm, dark brown to black in colour.