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Usage examples of "spak".

The fellow with the broken nose and the bumpy skull, Spak, edged a step closer, his oversize arm muscles working like independent creatures, and glanced toward Pite as if waiting for a signal.

Has thy triumph utterly cast forgetfulness upon thee, and reekest thou nothing of all that thou spakest when held fast by necessity?

And after soper pleyen he bigan, And spak of myrthe amonges othere thynges, Whan that we hadde maad our rekenynges, And seyde thus: "Now lordynges, trewely, Ye been to me right welcome hertely, For by my trouthe, if that I shal nat lye, I saugh nat this yeer so myrie a compaignye Atones in this herberwe, as is now.

Upon his beere ay lith this innocent Biforn the chief auter, whil masse laste, And after that, the abbot with his covent Han sped hem for to burien hym ful faste, And whan they hooly water on hym caste, Yet spak this child, whan spreynd was hooly water, And song "O Alma redemptoris mater.

And whan that this was doon, thus spak that oon, "Now lat us sitte and drynke, and make us merie, And afterward we wol his body berie.

To every wight she woxen is so deere And worshipful, that folk ther she was bore And from hir birthe knewe hir yeer by yeere, Unnethe trowed they, but dorste han swore That she to Janicle, of which I spak bifore, She doghter nere, for as by conjecture, Hem thoughte she was another creature.

He nyste what he spak, but thus he seyde: With pitous herte his pleynt hath he bigonne Unto the goddes, and first unto the sonne He seyde, "Appollo, God and governour Of every plaunte, herbe, tree, and flour That yevest after thy declinacioun To ech of hem his tyme and his sesoun, As thyn herberwe chaungeth lowe or heighe, Lord Phebus, cast thy mericiable eighe On wrecche Aurelie, which that am but lorn.

The eldeste lady of hem alle spak- Whan she hadde swowned with a deedly cheere, That it was routhe for to seen and heere- And seyde, "Lord, to whom Fortune hath yeven Victorie, and as a conqueror to lyven, Nat greveth us youre glorie and youre honour, But we biseken mercy and socour.

Herkne eek, lo, which a sharpe word for the nones, Biside a welle Jesus, God and Man, Spak in repreeve of the Samaritan.

This Monk, he clappeth lowde, He spak, how Fortune covered with a clowde- I noot nevere what-and also of a `Tragedie'- Right now ye herde.

But she fro wepyng kepte hir eyen dreye, Ne in this tyme word ne spak she noon.

Whil this yeman was thus in his talkyng, This Chanoun drough hym neer, and herde al thyng Which this Yeman spak, for suspecioun Of mennes speche evere hadde this Chanoun.

And this bihote I yow withouten faille, Upon my trouthe, and as I am a knyght, That wheither of yow bothe that hath myght, This is to seyn, that wheither he, or thow May with his hundred, as I spak of now, Sleen his contrarie, or out of lystes dryve, Thanne shal I yeve Emelya to wyve, To whom that Fortune yeveth so fair a grace.

This Arcite ful proudly spak ageyn, "Thow shalt," quod he, "be rather fals than I.

This dronke Miller spak ful soone ageyn, And seyde, "Leve brother Osewold, Who hath no wyf, he is no cokewold.