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Usage examples of "spaight".

The Francis Spaight was running before it solely under a mizzentopsail, when the thing happened.

The Francis Spaight sheered as her stern lifted on the sea, receiving the full fling of the cap on her quarter.

The Francis Spaight righted, and it was well that she was lumber laden, else she would have sunk, for she was already water-logged.

Day dawned on the savage ocean, and in the cold gray light all that could be seen of the Francis Spaight emerging from the sea were the poop, the shattered mizzenmast, and a ragged line of bulwarks.

Michael Behane, the man who had been at the wheel when the Francis Spaight broached to, called out that it was well.

Against them are to be pitted, in reference to the question under discussion, only Mercer of Maryland, Bedford of Delaware, and Spaight of North Carolina, the record in each of whose cases is of doubtful implication.

Our house might not have been as famous as the one where Dobbs Spaight was buried, but it still afforded my father some bragging rights in the halls of Congress, and whenever he walked around the garden, I could see him dreaming about the legacy he wanted to leave.