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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Spadix \Spa"dix\, n.; pl. L. Spadices, E. Spadixes. [L., a palm branch broken off, with its fruit, Gr. ?.]

  1. (Bot.) A fleshy spike of flowers, usually inclosed in a leaf called a spathe.

  2. (Zo["o]l.) A special organ of the nautilus, due to a modification of the posterior tentacles.


n. 1 (context botany English) A fleshy spike (inflorescence) with reduced flowers, usually enclosed by a spathe. 2 (context zoology English) A special organ of the nautilus, due to a modification of the posterior tentacles.

  1. n. the fleshy axis of a spike often surrounded by a spathe

  2. [also: spadices (pl)]

Spadix (botany)

In botany, a spadix (pronounced , ""; plural spadices , "") is a type of spike inflorescence having small flowers borne on a fleshy stem. Spadices are typical of the family Araceae, the arums or aroids. The spadix is typically surrounded by a leaf-like curved bract known as a spathe. For example, the "flower" of the well known Anthurium spp. is a typical spadix with a large colorful spathe.

Monoecious aroids have unisexual male and female flowers on the same individual and the spadix is usually organized with female flowers towards the bottom and male flowers towards the top. Typically, the stigmas are no longer receptive when pollen is released which prevents self- fertilization.

Spadix (zoology)

In the field of zoology, a spadix (pronounced , ""; plural spadices , "") is a secondary sexual organ found in some cephalopods and hydrozoans. In the Nautilus genus, the spadix is a composite erectile organ in the male located in the oral region which is composed of four highly modified tentacles and which is paired with a somewhat smaller antispadix that is also composed of four tentacles. The spadix is normally a concealed organ but quickly becomes distended upon the animal's death. The exact function of the spadix and antispadix in Nautilus is not yet known.


Spadix may refer to:

  • Spadix (botany), a reproductive organ of some genera of plants
  • Spadix (zoology), a similarly-shaped secondary sexual organ of some genera of cephalopods and hydrozoans

Usage examples of "spadix".

On the kitchen counter was a huge bouquet of waxy red flowers with yellow spadix -- anthuriums, if Kenneth recalled correctly -- and a large wooden model ship.

That was because the lily, with its fleshy spadix standing erect from among its vulvate spathe of petals, always seemed to me a mockery of what my own sexual organs look like.

Spadix was not my uncle's but truly mine, bought with the gratuities I had earned.

As the most placid of the five who were to be loaded in the first ship, Spadix was hoisted in first.

Bericus had the use of one of Prince Cador's horses, and I rode Spadix on the outward journeys, though the pony was often laden with supplies on the way back, with me walking at his head.

The rain had a dampening effect on Cornix, who plodded along beside Spadix as meek as a sheep.

We proceeded in this fashion for three days, until the swelling had subsided and Spadix was able to put his foot to the ground.

As usual, Cornix whickered at the sight of me and Spadix added his comments in a shriller tone.

Then I snapped the two bones in my left forearm when Spadix stumbled while we were rounding up the mares and foals prior to a storm.