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n. (plural of spacer English)

Usage examples of "spacers".

With the aid of their robots, the Spacers terraformed fifty worlds and created a culture of great beauty and refinement, where all unpleasant tasks were left to the robots.

As a rule, intelligence technicians who were engaged in jobs of the type from which Nifty Gift had just escaped, spacers whose work took them out on the front line against berserkers, were deliberately kept in ignorance of what the machinery they tended in deep space was supposed to accomplish.

And now, with all the attacking spacers in this wave still alive, he was able for the first time to pick up a great deal of their talk on his suit radio.

The people were less grim here, the spacers decked in the usual collection of charms and artifacts, no two alike and not a one drab.

She moved among spacers and whores and drug pushers, asking questions, and at last stood in a small alley that ran between a block of tenements.

The Spacers, meanwhile, had grown disdainful of the people they perceived to be grubby underground dwellers.

Those things were the birthright of every Infernal, indeed of all Spacers, and the Ironhead movement was determined to preserve and expand that birthright by any means necessary.

Spacers tended to equate robots with machines, and thus Spacers wondered how the Settlers managed without machines.

Alvar Kresh looked down at the green and growing place and wondered: Had there truly ever been a time when the Spacers had been so energetic, so ambitious?

What had happened that made the Spacers doze off and let history move past them?

Yes, Settlertown was a most impressive lesson, but there were those Spacers who did not appreciate being educated.

I swear, Kresh, you Spacers might as well face facts and admit that worship of those dismal Laws is your state religion.

Settlers and Spacers may be rivals in some abstruse, long-term struggle none of us shall ever live to see the results of--but we are also all human beings, and we can learn from each other.

Which brought him back to his central point: What happened to Spacers if robots could no longer be trusted?

Every once in a while Santee could understand why the damn Spacers put their kids through classes in how to handle robots.