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The Collaborative International Dictionary

spaceport \space"port\, n. [by analogy with airport.] a facility where vehicles are launched into space.


n. A site for launching spacecraft.


A spaceport is a site for launching (or receiving) spacecraft, by analogy with seaport for ships or airport for aircraft. The word spaceport, and even more so cosmodrome, has traditionally been used for sites that are capable of launching spacecraft into orbit around Earth or on interplanetary trajectories. However, rocket launch sites for purely sub-orbital flights are sometimes called spaceports, as in recent years new and proposed sites for suborbital human flights have been frequently referred to or named 'spaceports'. Space stations and proposed future bases on the moon are sometimes called spaceports, in particular if intended as a base for further journeys.

The term rocket launch site is used for any facility from which rockets are launched. It may contain one or more launch pads or suitable sites to mount a transportable launch pad. It is typically surrounded by a large safety area, often called a rocket range or missile range. The range includes the area over which launched rockets are expected to fly, and within which some components of the rockets may land. Tracking stations are sometimes located in the range to assess the progress of the launches.

Major spaceports often include more than one launch complex, which can be rocket launch sites adapted for different types of launch vehicles. (These sites can be well-separated for safety reasons.) For launch vehicles with liquid propellant, suitable storage facilities and, in some cases, production facilities are necessary. On-site processing facilities for solid propellants are also common.

A spaceport may also include runways for takeoff and landing of aircraft to support spaceport operations, or to enable support of HTHL or HTVL winged launch vehicles.

Spaceport (Seacombe)

Spaceport is a tourist attraction in Seacombe, Wallasey, Merseyside, North West England. The attraction's main topic of interest is space and space travel suited to visitors aged 7 or older. Visitors learn about space as they walk through different themed galleries, which all have a variety of interactive and audio-visual exhibits.

Spaceport was opened on 26 July 2005 by Merseytravel Chairman Mark Dowd.

A visit to the centre takes about two hours, which includes half an hour spent in the Spacedome planetarium. This section of the attraction is on the ground floor at the back of the building.

Spaceport is open Tuesday to Sunday from 10.30am till 6pm.

Visitors to Spaceport also have the opportunity to enjoy a River Explorer Cruise on one of the Mersey Ferries. Ferries leave the Liverpool Pier Head, Woodside and Seacombe terminals at frequent intervals.

Usage examples of "spaceport".

The cop was giving him a ride in a police car, taking him back to his hotel beside the Cascadian spaceport.

Someday in the future, there might be a Ran Colville who was administrator of the greatest spaceport in the known universe.

Our AS should have picked up that quantity of subversive dataflow within the spaceport network.

It would continue over Gutshot, angling slightly downward over the ocean that hemmed in the tiny town and spaceport against the towering mountains.

Conn got out the plans of the volcano spaceport and the photomaps of the surrounding area.

InterSpiral-class spaceports on the Potosi surface, the largest and most modern of which was heavily dominated by the Patth mercantile fleet.

La Gran Sabana, the high Venezuelan plateau near the equator where the Orbitals have built their largest spaceport.

Finally the telescopic screens picked up the spaceport, a huge oval amphitheater excavated out of a valley between two jagged mountain ranges.

It would have been early morning here when Josep was captured at the spaceport, he mused as the technician took a sample of the semisolid cereal.

The remaining five battleships were grounded for servicing and restocking at the plaza spaceport so that the septa would be ready to return to Ildira within a day.

And there were great dark shapes, sluglike, oozing slowly over the concrete apron of the spaceport.

Nobody else among the spaceport personnel, the techno-artisans, or the spacefarers treated her like she was inferior just because she was younger and shorter than they were.

They simply conferred with each other via affinity, then Samuel and a colleague called Tringa headed for the spaceport.

Baalbek has inspired another popular ufological myth: that Baalbek once served as a spaceport for rocket ships from another world.

Embrig Spaceport - port of call for the wealthy provincial world of Mandeyn - the Freddisgatt Allee ran almost deserted from the Port Authority offices to the Strip.