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SpaceIL is an Israeli nonprofit organization competing in the Google Lunar X Prize (GLXP) to land a spacecraft on the Moon in 2017. SpaceIL aims to launch the smallest and lightest vehicle to ever land on the Moon. Its total budget is estimated at US$36 million, provided mainly by philanthropists.

SpaceIL's entry is unique among GLXP contenders, in that instead of building a tracked or wheeled rover, SpaceIL plans to meet the requirement to travel 500 meter on the lunar surface by having the lander "hop" from its landing site to another site 500 meters away using rocket propulsion.

SpaceIL team was formed as a nonprofit organization wishing to promote scientific and technological education in Israel. The founders of the team stated that if they win the competition, the money will be donated to educational purposes. SpaceIL has over 200 members, 95% of them are volunteers.