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a. (context slang chiefly British English) (non-gloss definition: Shortened form of sorry.)


SOZ or soz may refer to:

  • Solenzara Air Base, France (by IATA code)
  • Sonjo language, spoken in Tanzania (by ISO639 code)
  • National Organization of Kurdish Youth (SOZ)

Usage examples of "soz".

So Jai had been born a Ruby telepath, the first child of Jaibriol II and Soz Valdoria.

Sparkles of water flew around Jato and Soz and mist blew in their faces.

At the top, Soz threw out her arms and spun around, her hair whipping about her head.

It gave a particularly inspired heave and knocked Soz and Jato apart, separating them as if it were their chaperon.

Jato laughed and Soz spread her arms wide as if to address the Giants Skeleton itself with her protest.

Jato managed to get up to his knees, but when Soz tried to do the same, the agitated bridge knocked her over again.

Rolling onto his side, Jato grabbed Soz and they held on to each other while the universe convulsed around them.

Whoever had set the Wind Lions against them would be desperate now, knowing they had to complete what they started lest Soz escape and report back to ISC.

A syringe hissed, and Soz feinted with a speed that blurred, kicking up her leg.

In the same instant that he grabbed for a gun on his belt, Soz reached him.

As Soz squeezed into the pilots seat, it folded an exoskeleton of controls around her like a silver-mesh glove.

For her parting salute to Nightingale, Soz blasted the holy hell out of that tarmac.

It was Soz who led Skolia into the Radiance War, Soz who brought two empires to their knees—and Soz who died in combat.

When his sister Soz had become Imperator, she had chosen another home.

No one had sat in this chair since the death of the last Imperator, his sister, Soz, and before her, his half-brother, Kurj.