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n. (plural of sow English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: sow)

Usage examples of "sows".

At each round made over the field, from 12 feet to 15 feet may be sown by the sower who sows only with one hand.

It may also be fed with much advantage to brood sows and other swine in winter.

No method of sowing the seed is more satisfactory than that which sows it by grain drills, which can deposit it in the soil as grain is sown, as it is then buried at an even depth.

The method which is most labor-saving, however, when sown with a nurse crop, is that which sows it with an attachment to the grain drill used in sowing the nurse crop.

He now sows wheat in the fore part of September, three pecks to the acre, after having previously plowed in 200 lbs.

Peruvian guano to the acre, and after the first harrowing sows the clover seed.

He sows a barrel of salt per acre broadcast on the land at the time he sows his wheat, and I have myself seen it produce a decided improvement in the crop.

She led the way down the runway to the hog yards, raising her voice so Mike could hear her over the racket the sows were making.

Richard watched as Iranzu singled out three sows from the herd standing within the pen.

I already knew that on factory farms that produce millions of hogs each year, breeding hogs, especially the females or sows, spend their entire lives inside tiny metal cages so small that they can never walk or even turn around.

Provided no bedding so dung can fall through to the waste pit below, sows are forced to live- eat, sleep, defecate, give birth, and nurse their young-on concrete or metal-slatted flooring.

Another, a woman in her thirties, said that sows, after living on concrete for years, can develop such painful leg conditions that many collapse.

Worn-out sows are then dumped on a pile, where they stay-for up to two weeks-until the cull truck picks them up.

Another employee at a different farm described the routine use of gate rods to beat the sows bloody.

I have this winter over 50 sows under the horse-stable, and the manure from 8 horses keeps them dry and comfortable, and we are not specially lavish with straw in bedding the horses.