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a. (obsolete spelling of sour English)

Usage examples of "sowre".

Then boyl sowre Galls in white Wine, wet a spunge in the liquor: and when you have need, wipe it upon the paper gently, and wet the letters so long until the native black colour disappear, but the former colour, that was not seen, will be made apparent.

When I was a bed I began to call to minde all the sorrowes and griefes that I was in the day before, until such time as my love Fotis, having brought her mistresse to sleepe, came into the chamber, not as shee was wont to do, for she seemed nothing pleasant neither in countenance nor talke, but with sowre face and frowning looke, gan speak in this sort, Verily I confesse that I have been the occasion of all thy trouble this day, and therewith shee pulled out a whippe from under her apron, and delivered it unto mee saying, Revenge thyself upon mee mischievous harlot, or rather slay me.