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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sout \Sout\, n. Soot. [Obs.]


n. (obsolete form of soot English)

Usage examples of "sout".

Fashnalgid was trying to lever his body through the hole in the rock, a distant horn announced an oncoming sledge-this one also arriving from the sout h.

Early in the administration, Gray had spent a long lunch with Souter and had been impressed by his low-key intellect, humility and knowledge of the law.

There were never any specifics or details, simply that the bookish, gentle Souter and his lifelong bachelorhood seemed to fit the stereotype.

Rudman was convinced that Souter loved the law and his privacy above all else.

He made the Souter nomination his single cause, escorting him for personal sessions with most of the 100 senators, counseling him and pouring his considerable energy into getting his friend confirmed.

Rudman also knew that Souter believed in the principle of not overturning Supreme Court precedents unless there was an overwhelming argument.

President Bush heard indirectly that Souter had almost withdrawn, he shuddered.

In the train station, he ran into Senator Joseph Biden, who had chaired the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Souter confirmation hearings.

Colonel Sir Aubrey Souter, Distinguished Service Order, was waiting behind a broad, polished desk, very upright, as if he were standing to attention.

Sir Aubrey Souter was well-known for his interest in close co-operation between the two forces.

Ross also noted that there was no ashtray on the desk, nor had Souter offered to shake his hand.

Colonel Sir Aubrey Souter did not conceal his relief when he greeted Ross in the foyer of the ministry building.

He saw Souter glance at the clock above the empty fireplace, although he was careful not to peer at his watch.

Colonel Sir Aubrey Souter was on his feet behind the desk, erect, and facing the door.

He could feel the scars on his body, but knew if he touched them Souter would see, and perhaps have doubts about him.