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n. 1 An acoustic environment, a virtual/emotion environment created using sound. 2 A '''soundscape composition''' - an electroacoustic musical composition creating a sound portrait of a sound environment.


The soundscape is the component of the acoustic environment that can be perceived by humans. There is a varied history of the use of soundscape depending on discipline - ranging from urban design to wildlife ecology. An important distinction is to separate soundscape from the broader term acoustic environment. The acoustic environment is the combination of all the acoustic resources within a given area - natural sounds and human-caused sounds – as modified by the environment. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standardized these definitions in 2014.([ ISO 12913-1:2014])

Soundscape (New Zealand festival)

Soundscape is a music festival held in Hamilton, New Zealand, held during Orientation week of University of Waikato. A section of Alexandra Street is closed off, with seven stages in the surrounding nightclubs and on the street. Although the event has predominantly featured electronic dance music, the 2011 festivals have featured live rock, reggae and hip hop.

The first Soundscape featured three stages of electronic music: Club Classics, Dirty Electric and Destructive Dub. The July 2010 festival expanded to five stages across four Hamilton central city nightclubs. The March 2011 Soundscape was the first to feature live music and international acts, which over 4000 people attended.

In March 2012 the event increased in size, yet again, and sold out at 5,500. It featured acts including Kora, AC Slater, Carl Nicholson, Redial, Distrakt and more. In July, Greg Stack and James Lawless launched a sister event called Homestyle - which follows a similar design, albeit smaller.

Usage examples of "soundscape".

Both heads rotated slowly as they scanned the soundscape in every direction.

She hears music, muted, but rising above the ebb and flow of the urban soundscape just outside: the horns, the hum of engines, the voices raised loud.

Pokier could ever have imagined, it seemed many nights to be purely music, his consciousness moving through the soundscape at bay, observing, compliant, still precariously safe, but not for long.

Despite the multilayered soundscape of the jungle that surrounded Quinn, he heard their every squishing step as they trudged across the muddy dirt road and passed out of sight on the far side of the barracks.

First Night Festival, with moody electronic musical soundscapes behind her voice provided by musician Roger Deegan.

The software uses a web camera to capture images, then generates sound signals called soundscapes based on the camera input.

RMI is fully the equal of these progenitors, creating moody, shimmering soundscapes with moog, theremin, and more conventional instruments.

There were known islands of sound imbedded at fixed points in the soundscape.