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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Soun \Soun\, n. & v. Sound. [Obs.]

Usage examples of "soun".

The fyres brenden upon the auter brighte, That it gan al the temple for to lighte, And sweete smel the ground anon upyaf, And Arcita anon his hand uphaf, And moore encens into the fyr he caste, With othere rytes mo, and atte laste The statue of Mars bigan his hauberk rynge, And with that soun he herde a murmurynge, Ful lowe and dym, and seyde thus, `Victorie!

Sour is thy breeth, foul artow to embrace, And thurgh thy dronke nose semeth the soun, As though thow seydest ay, "Sampsoun!

We is assin aroun in the pit, gettin hosed down an all, an it is jus bout gettin dark, an all of a sudden there is this funny soun in the air an some jackoff who is squirting us with the hose holler, "