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Usage examples of "soume".

As I was so inexperienced, it was taken for granted that for my Feybraiha, I would be soume to start with.

For a while he was content to lie there and be pampered, but once I began to show signs of being more ouana than soume, he laughed and threw me onto my back, lying over me so I could not move.

I was soume and it was almost too intoxicating to describe what it was like to have both of them caressing me and penetrating me, filling me with the blue cloud of their spirits.

The warrior caste of the tribe are obliged to follow this custom, hence they may only be soume during spring and summer, ouana during the colder season.

The soume organs of I generation, located in the lower region of the body in a position not dissimilar to that of a human female womb, is reached by a fleshy, convoluted passage found behind the masculine organs of generation.

Soumeta is only saying what a dangerous number of other war maids think.