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n. (plural of soul English)

Souls (band)

Souls is a Bengali rock band. It was established in Chittagong, and later moved to Dhaka. Former members include Tapan Chowdhury, Ayub Bachchu, Nakib Khan, Naseem Ali. Formed in 1970, it is one of the oldest pop bands in Bangladesh,.

Souls (disambiguation)

Souls are consciousnesses unique to particular living beings.

Souls may also refer to:

  • Souls (band), a Bangladeshi rock music group
  • The Souls, a social group
Souls (story)

Souls is an award-winning 1982 science fiction novella by Joanna Russ. It was first published in the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction in January 1982, and subsequently republished in Terry Carr's The Best Science Fiction of the Year 12, in Russ's 1984 collection Extra(ordinary) People, as well as in the first volume of the Isaac Asimov/ Martin H. Greenberg-edited anthology The New Hugo Winners, and in 1989 as half of a Tor Double Novel (with " Houston, Houston, Do You Read?" by James Tiptree, Jr.).

Souls (series)

The Souls series is a series of action role-playing video games created and developed by FromSoftware. The series began with the release of Demon's Souls for the PlayStation 3 in 2009. Demon's Souls was followed by Dark Souls in 2011, and its sequels, Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III, in 2014 and 2016 respectively.

The Souls games are played in a third-person perspective, and focus on weapon and magic-based combat with monsters, and exploration. Players battle bosses, interact with the strange non-playable characters, and journey through the medieval-like, interconnected environments in order to progress through the story. The series is particularly notable for its difficulty.

Usage examples of "souls".

He would be the loving saviour of the world, and its judge, sorting out true souls from zombie-people.

Inzane dreams, Brothers, Inzane dreams spooking the souls of the devils who ruined our souls and our land.

This is true limbo, where people of all levels meet and lonely lost souls seek the blessing of the Great One.

Later on I found out that specially trained souls are trained in the use of thought forms to allow the soul to settle down in suitable and familiar surroundings.

We do travel in the planes of astral and talk to souls from other planes, exchanging experiences and wishes.

The planes of astral also furnish a meeting place for human souls to meet their spirit guides.

It is possible for souls to take the etheric forms of beloved pets with them to the lower planes of spirit, but generally the higher evolved entities are interested in the affairs of God and in assisting Him ever upwards.

Then the wish which is inherent in all human souls, to advance and progress is stimulated once more and he steps out into the reality of the spirit world.

No, my son, transmigration of souls from men to animals is not possible, as man is the vehicle for the divine purpose of God.

The planet earth was created as a training school for souls, so that they should all reach purity and perfection after different incarnations.

The Divine mind created different races of people, so that souls could have different choices and levels of development in which to reincarnate.

God is on all men through his servants who are the discarnate souls of people who have walked this world before us.

I saw her standing behind the rostrum, from which she had worked in her lifetime, thereby proving that souls carry on their beliefs and interests beyond the grave.

He has attained the level where he is becoming very far removed from the rest of humanity and the other souls, and now he can go two ways.

These are sent back to the earth to perform certain special tasks which must be performed by souls which can be trusted implicitly by the spiritual groups.