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Soulcage are a heavy metal band formed in Helsinki, Finland in 1999.

The band plays melodic metal/rock with progressive influences. In 2004 they released their first demo With the Time I Run, followed by their debut album Dead Water Diary in 2006 with limited success, and the follow-up Soul for Sale in April 2009, reaching a wider audience than they had previously. 'My Canvas, My Skin' was released as the debut single from ‘Soul For Sale’, along with a video directed and written by Tuomas Parviainen. Soulcage are currently signed to the independent label Hellas Records.

Soul for Sale was released on 8 April 2009 in Finland, and on 8 May 2009 in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is set to be released on 23 April 2010 in the United Kingdom.