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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ He had his agents out in the bazaars and souks and offered a steady price for good information.
▪ I almost dozed off once or twice, lulled by the sounds of the souk.
▪ Owen went down to the souk himself.
▪ Sometimes at night I'd find myself beyond the souks in narrow lanes between windowless houses.
▪ The souk is one of the oldest parts of Muscat, a living link with the past.
▪ The street was one of those which led into the souk and its lower end was completely blocked by stalls.
▪ They left alone the old town with its souks, square, palaces and its impressive Koutoubia minaret.
▪ They were, he said, somewhere near the souk.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

Arab bazaar, 1826, from French souk, from Arabic suq "marketplace."


n. (alternative spelling of souq English)


n. an open-air market in an Arabian city

Usage examples of "souk".

They passed through bazaars and crowded souks where the merchants displayed their stocks.

They had visited the sights of Ankh-Morpork, its crowded docks, its many bridges, its souks, its casbahs, its streets lined with nothing but temples.

He nodded and we plunged into the maelstrom that swirled around the dark mouth of the covered way that led down into the first of the souks.