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By the wavering light of the candles, Oliver could see that the ancient armor Soth wore had been scorched, as if blasted in some mammoth furnace.

Lord Soth turned toward the dice table, another stranger hurried into the taproom.

If a barbarous, cold-hearted murderer like her knelt before Soth, what sort of infernal creature must he be?

As he passed over the center of the table, Lord Soth upended the heavy board and dashed him from the air.

Oliver backed toward the door, but Soth stopped him with a fiery stare.

Lord Soth recovered the chain of office from the ruins of the dice table.

But he had to test it, had to know for certain what Soth had done to him.

Murphy, Elmo Roper, Beardsley Ruml, Hans Christian Sonne, Lauren Soth, Wayne Chatfield Taylor, John Hay Whitney.

In one of the compilations of works credited to Quivalen Soth, a brief song tells the story of a silver dragon who cried out to the gods for protection after the body of his mate was seized by humans and used for food, clothes, and tools.

Among the recordings of Kagonesti oral histories set down by the great elven bard Quevalin Soth is that of the Keeper of the Forest.

Sadly, Quevalin Soth could not find any stories about these two Keepers, so they remain but names in his records.

For me think hit not semly, as hit is soth knawen, Ther such an askyng is heuened so hy3e in your sale, Tha3 yghe yghourself be talenttyf, to take hit to yourseluen, Whil mony so bolde yow aboute vpon bench sytten, That vnder heuen I hope non ha3erer of wylle, Ne better bodyes on bent ther baret is rered.

Tanis kept walking, and soon he and Lord Soth reached the bottom of the stairs leading up to the platform shaped like the head of the hooded snake.

In his pallid arms, Lord Soth bore a body bound in a white winding cloth, the kind used for embalming the dead.