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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sostenuto \Sos`te*nu"to\, a. [It.] (Mus.) Sustained; -- applied to a movement or passage the sounds of which are to sustained to the utmost of the nominal value of the time; also, to a passage the tones of which are to be somewhat prolonged or protacted.


adv. (label en music) played in a sustained manner beyond the notes normal value n. A note or passage marked to be sustained


In music, sostenuto is a term from Italian that means "sustained". It occasionally implies a slowing of tempo, though more often it refers to a very legato style in which the notes are performed in a sustained manner beyond their normal values.

Usage examples of "sostenuto".

Sostenuto had never missed a performance in his life - he resides on East Sixty-second Street during the season - still it was gross negligence of the director.