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Sors \Sors\, n.; pl. Sortes. [L.] A lot; also, a kind of divination by means of lots.

Sortes Homeric[ae] or Sortes Virgilian[ae] [L., Homeric or Virgilian lots], a form of divination anciently practiced, which consisted in taking the first passage on which the eye fell, upon opening a volume of Homer or Virgil, or a passage drawn from an urn which several were deposited, as indicating future events, or the proper course to be pursued. In later times the Bible was used for the same purpose by Christians.


In Roman mythology, Sors, a lesser deity, was a god of luck. Supposedly a son of Fortuna.

Scarcely mentioned in mythology, a handful of quotes site him in such expressions "By the luck of Sors", or "Lived by a hairs breadth of Sors".

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Sors (disambiguation)

Sors was an ancient Roman god of luck. The title may also refer to:

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  • The singular form of Sortes (ancient Rome)
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