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Soro (fiction)

The Soro (ab-Hul-ab-Puber-ul-Gello-ul-Forski-ul-Paha-ul-Kisa) are a fictional extraterrestrial race in David Brin's Uplift Universe.

They are powerful enemies of Earth. Patrons to four different species (the Gello, Forski, Paha, and Kisa), they hold a place of prominence in the galactic civilization. In the Uplift series, they are described as being in an alliance with the Tandu.

Their patrons (the races that genetically modified them to sapience) are the Hul.

Reptilian, the Soro are approximately 13–14 feet long. They lay eggs and the birthing process is accelerated by hormones released during battle. Advancement through the ranks is shown in Startide Rising to be based on combat. Younger females can physically challenge leaders who they feel are unfit or sick to combat, but the process is risky, and death is often the result of a failed attempt.

Soro (woreda)

Soro is one of the woredas in the Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region of Ethiopia. Part of the Hadiya Zone, Soro is bordered on the south by the Kembata Tembaro Zone, on the southwest by the Dawro Zone, on the west by the Omo River which separates it from the Oromia Region, on the north by Gomibora, on the northeast by Limo, and on the southeast by Duna. The administrative center of this woreda is Gimbichu; other towns in Soro include Jajura. Parts of Soro were separated to create Duna and Gomibora woredas.


Soro may refer to:

  • Soro (album), a 1987 album by Salif Keita
  • Soro (fiction), a fictional extraterrestrial race in David Brin's Uplift Universe
  • Soro, Denmark, a town in Denmark
  • Soro (woreda), Hadiya Zone, Ethiopia
  • Soro, Baleshwar, a town in Odisha, India
    • Soro (Odisha Vidhan Sabha constituency), an assembly constituency in Odisha, India
Soro (album)

Soro is the 1987 debut album by Malian Afro-pop artist Salif Keïta. The album marks the music of his first period. It was produced by Ibrahima Sylla.

Soro (Odisha Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Soro (Sl. No.: 41) is a Vidhan Sabha constituency of Balasore district, Odisha.

This constituency include Soro, Soro block and 16 GPs (Anji, Aruhabad, Avana, Bahanaga, Baripada, Bishnupur, Chittol, Dandaharipur, Gopalpur, Kalyani, Kharsahapur, Kochiakoili, Kuruda, Sahaspura, Saud and Talakurunia) of Bahanaga block.

Usage examples of "soro".

Hainish Descent on the eleventh planet of the Soro system, she joined the orbital crew as back-up for the three First Observers down on planet.

Shortly after a robot probe reported people of the Hainish Descent on the eleventh planet of the Soro system, she joined the orbital crew as back-up for the three First Observers down on planet.

If the Streak gets stopped by a Soro patrol, or has to ask a Pilan Librarian for data somewhere, then Dr.

Her crew bustled about, each a member of a Soro client race, each hurrying to do her will in its own sub-specialty.

Her Soro ships were so busy avoiding missiles, nobody was firing back!

Soro, Krat, watched the creatures, the Gello, the Paha, the Pila, her creatures, as they guided the Soro fleet toward battle once more.

Heaven help the poor creatures if the Tandu or Soro or similar ilk collect them!

From the Soro ship came a small tone, a variation of the beat emanating from the small moon.

Earthfolk has got to duck out of the way when big boys like the Soro and Gubru get something up their snoots!

Pthaca faction had joined with the Thennanin and Gubru, and the lot of the Soro remained dangerous.

At least the Soro were more Thennaninoid than the arthropod Tandu, and lived at a decent temperature.

Although the Tandu philosophy was the most repulsive of those in opposition to the Abdicator Creed, they were now all that stood in the way of a Soro triumph.

Pity the poor creatures if the Tandu, or even the Soro got hold of them!

The expected Tandu-Thennanin alliance against the Soro was forming up near the gas-giant world, and she had plans to make.

The display lit up with the image of the Soro Pritil, the young commander of one of the ships in her flotilla.