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n. (misspelling of sorcerer English)

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Sorceror (horse)

Sorceror (1995-1998) was an American Thoroughbred racehorse who broke down in the 1998 Jim Beam Stakes. Another horse, Time Limit, also broke down and was euthanized in that race.1 The three-year-old colt was trained by Hall of Famer Jack Van Berg and owned by Jim McIngvale, a Texas-based mattress manufacturer. McIngvale had just dismissed his three previous trainers, Nick Zito, Steve Moyer and Leonard Atkinson, in the past month.

Sorceror was a chestnut colt with a star on his forehead and his farm's silks were blue with white polka dots.

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Usage examples of "sorceror".

Which bitter scholarsome failed sorceror no doubthas espoused such views?

Seerdomin sorceror, third in the line, buckled, water spraying from his mouth, lungs filled, clawing at his own chest.

He watched helplessly as a dark portal yawned open behind the sorceror and Leif and his captors entered.

Before Time sorcerors who could fly in the air and undersea and underground in magic boxes!

Since isolation is a sure way to prevent magic, on my world the assumption is that they are sorcerors, outcast by others or by their own will, their conscience.