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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Her painting protects her, as magic does a sorceress, but it also endangers her.
▪ I imagined a sorceress inside performing her rites behind the window, with a red kerchief.
▪ In the civilized countries I believe there are no witches left, nor wizards, nor sorceresses, nor magicians.
▪ It was dead, shrivelled, blown to dust, exactly as the sorceress had said it would be, centuries earlier.
▪ She began climbing, until she too reached the sorceress Zenaida's hideaway in the clouds.
▪ So the sorceress wanted Rapunzel more than her parents did, or so it seems.
▪ The second time he did so, he was caught by the sorceress, who threatened to punish him for his thievery.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sorceress \Sor"cer*ess\, n. A female sorcerer.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

late 14c., from Anglo-French sorceresse, from sorcer (see sorcerer).


n. ; a female sorcerer


n. a woman sorcerer


Sorceress may refer to:

Sorceress (1982 film)

Sorceress is a 1982 American- Mexican sword and sorcery film directed by Jack Hill and starring Leigh Harris and Lynette Harris.

Sorceress (1995 film)

Sorceress (aka Temptress II) is an American fantasy/ horror film with erotic content directed by Jim Wynorski. It was first released direct-to-video on January 4, 1995. It is considered a cult movie.

Sorceress (Opeth album)

Sorceress is the twelfth studio album by the Swedish Progressive Metal band Opeth, to be released on 30 September 2016.

Usage examples of "sorceress".

In that mysterious region known to explorers as the Sargasso Sea, the youth found a weird metal ship surviving from the lost age of High Atlantis, on which there still lived an Atlantean sorceress, an ageless and beautiful creature called Corenice, who inhabits an eternal and deathless body of impervious metal.

The greatest sorceress ever to have lived, the duke suspected Cailleach was the first of his kind.

No power in the world that I know of is strong enough to wrest her away from a sorceress of the Coven who is wearing the stone.

He remembered suddenly, clearly, standing upon the banked coals of a goatling campfire and later bathing his horn in the firebowl of a wyvern sorceress.

What kinds of dreams were left to an outcast Gur, a drink-sodden sorceress, and an unrepentant halfling?

After coffee had been served we played four rubbers of whist, at which I lost, and at midnight I went away ill pleased with myself, but with no purpose of amendment, for this sorceress had got me in her toils.

Akabar was lost to sight beyond the silvery glow of the portal, but the haggish sorceress managed to plant her feet firmly on the ground and hold her position.

A young looking sorceress was flirting with a middle-aged mercenary captain from the Iridian Plains.

The sorceress stood, and walked over to the hearth, where the wood was stacked, then back to the corner where the lutar lay on the chest.

She told herself that the movement she had felt on her fingers at the moment the Sorceress stood revealed and the young King Peres had chosen to assert his authority, had been nothing but a nervous twitching of her own.

There is an ancient Rabbinical tradition, no doubt very absurd, but illustrative of early notions of superstition, that Adam was first married to a sorceress named Lilith, or the mother of devils.

Peeking through the cracked door, he saw Rosella remove her hood to reveal that she was not a youthful maiden at all, but rather an ancient sorceress.

Though they were no match for the sorceress, the guards drove Rosella off.

Gary said, being as uneager to change his form as the Sorceress was to change hers.

He would never forget the jeweled band of slavery he had worn for over three hundred years, until Wigg had removed it after the fall of the sorceresses.