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Sor may refer to:

  • Fernando Sor (1778–1839), a Spanish guitarist and composer
  • Sor, Ariège, a French commune
  • Sor, Azerbaijan, a village
  • Sor, Senegal, an offshore island
  • Sor Mañón, any of a number of rivers
  • Sör, a word for beer in Hungary

SOR may stand for:

  • Sean O'Rourke, Irish broadcaster and journalist
  • Southern Ontario Railway, a shortline railway in southern Ontario
  • School of Rock, 2003 film starring Jack Black
  • Son of Rambow, 2008 film starring Bill Milner and Will Poulter
  • Sex offender registry
  • Smart order routing, a rule-based mechanism for selecting the destination of trading orders
  • Society of Radiographers, a UK trade union
  • Steam to oil ratio, the ratio of water used for steam and oil in oil production.
  • Streets of Rage (series), a popular beat 'em up series developed by Sega
  • Successive over-relaxation, a numerical method used to speed up convergence
  • System of record, an information storage system
  • Equality Act (Sexual Orientation) Regulations (UK legislation)
  • Singapore Swop Offer Rate (SOR)

Usage examples of "sor".

There was a pain in her eyes that had nothing to do with the injury Sor na Shannen had inflicted.

In the stands, at the exact spot Carythas had once occupied, Sor na Shannen and a demon of more formidable stature stood side by side.

And he was exhausted with the effort of that sending, too soon after his discussion with Sor na Shannen.

And he knew that this one, this Sor na Shannen, was no ordinary succubus.

He traveled near the wall, as far from Sor na Shannen as he could be in the small room.

Elsabet saw them at last, huddled against the rock of the wall that faced the demon, the shadow, and Sor na Shannen.

Her dark blue cloak was draped around her, like the shadows had been around Sor na Shannen, but her cowl rested along her shoulders, and the blackness of her hair, drawn back, still framed her white face, her violet eyes.

But Sor na Shannen needed no pathetic mortal light, magical or no, to see into the depths of this growing chill.

Dogon Doko-Sa, who had left his troops long enough to attend to the diplomatic aspect of his job, Sea Sor, the Prithian ambassador, and Regar Batth, who represented the Ramanthians and appeared especially glum.

Sea Sor was proud of the fact that Seeba-Ka was willing to entrust such an important responsibility to his senior military officer and the brightly colored feathers around his neck rose.

Sea Sor, Regar Batth, Ishimoto-Forty-Six, and Doko-Sa might be senior to Vanderveen in both rank and years of experience, it was she who was in charge.

CHAPTER X DURING the next four days the Sorber Greater Shows played to better business, which was a help, though not the sort Steve Kilroy wanted.

Their commander re- sor Nabinger tells us that you were with the Nazis in the ported directly to Himmler.

The swordswoman was to be the antagonizer, the sor ceress the sympathizer.

The archivist was silent while Tiamak looked for the well-thumbed pages that described Ineluki creating Sor row in the forges below Asu'a.