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Usage examples of "soore".

He passed his paim over the plane of her stomach as he began stroking her thighs, drawing his hands up them, sooring her flesh with his fingertips.

To asken help thee shameth in thyn herte, If thou noon aske, so soore artow ywoundid That verray nede unwrappeth al thy wounde hid.

God for his manace hym so soore smoot With invisible wounde, ay incurable, That in hise guttes carf it so and boot That hise peynes weren importable.

And so bifel, that in the dawenynge, As Chauntecleer, among hise wyves alle, Sat on his perche, that was in the halle, And next hym sat this faire Pertelote, This Chauntecleer gan gronen in his throte As man that in his dreem is drecched soore.

And therfore, syn I knowe of loves peyne, And woot how soore it kan a man distreyne, As he that hath ben caught ofte in his laas, I yow foryeve al hoolly this trespaas, At requeste of the queene that kneleth heere, And eek of Emelye, my suster deere.

Cresus This riche Cresus whilom kyng of Lyde, Of whiche Cresus Cirus soore hym dradde, Yet was he caught amyddes al his pryde, And to be brent men to the fyr hym ladde.