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Usage examples of "soom".

Galen had come, Soom and its inhabitants had been his primary companions.

He had last seen that symbol as Kell had flown away from Soom, leaving the mages after revealing all he had done.

He had thought leaving Soom would help him drift further away from himself, just as leaving his home many years ago to live with Elric had helped him to forget.

But the lava of Soom no longer flowed through him, its waters no longer soothed him, its life no longer enriched him.

Galen wished he could say something more, but he could think only to end his apology as the Soom did.

If they spoke in the language of the Soom, though, the chances that the language would be understood were virtually nonexistent.

He sat in his bedroom on Soom working on his spells, Fa crouched on the table beside his screen.

Mrs Kelly - that dratted man of mine was not over choice in soom of his expressions.

I would fain borrow five pounds, and if, sir, you will write to Mr Maitland, that is now the Lord Provost of Glasgow, and tell him that Marion Shaw would be obliged to him for the lend of that soom, I think he will not fail to send it.

You helped us test the technology that sold the Barsoom :Project to all the world .