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Sool may refer to:

  • Sool, Somalia, a province in northern Somalia
  • Sool, Switzerland, a village in the Swiss canton of Glarus
  • Sool (album), an album by Ellen Allien
Sool (album)

Sool is a 2008 album released by German electronic musician Ellen Allien, released on her BPitch Control music label. It is her sixth studio album.

Usage examples of "sool".

Ark Sool was the highest-ranking gnome officer in Internal Affairs, and he believed that the LEP was basically a bunch of loose cannons who were presided over by a maverick.

Manners dictated that only a friend refer to another fairy by species, and Sool was no friend of his.

Commander Sool refused to allow her to attend the commitment, even under armed guard.

Foaly clopped in excitedly, followed by Commander Sool and a couple of flunkies.

He began to wish he had received Sool in private rather than in front of thirty or so followers.

Pala perceived that he saw the situation just as clearly as Bicansa did, but while she was grandstanding, Sool was absorbing the pain, seeking to find a way to save his way of life.

And sooled his bulldog, Fighting Bet, To bite, haphazard, all she met?

But their sets operated, for other things beside aircraft could have been sooled on to this massed target.

Father Ralph worked like a man in the grip of some obsession, sooling the dogs after unsuspecting bands of sheep, sending the silly woolly things leaping and bleating in fright until the low shapes streaking through the grass got them packed tight and running.