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Sooey meaning abounding in the plant Sorrel, is a village in County Sligo, Ireland. The village is situated near Riverstown, on the R284 road which runs between Sligo and Leitrim village in County Leitrim.

It is the burial place of Provisional Irish Republican Army volunteer, Kevin Coen.

The village has its own church, primary school and community hall. Coola Post Primary School is located just outside Sooey village.

Usage examples of "sooey".

Con- 62 NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET found your Oriental hide, Sooey Wan, are you never going to quit complaining?

The imperturbable Sooey Wan glanced at the alarm clock on an adjacent shelf.

My boy ketchum cold heart, Sooey Wan makum heart 64 NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET warm again.

Realizing the uselessness of protest, Dan stood by while Sooey Wan manufactured the heart-warmer.

Pippy, who thereupon had been forced to earn her living in almost the only way possible for a woman of her advanced age,, Knowing her to be a woman of taste, culture and refinement, Maisie had induced Dan to engage her ak his housekeeper, which he was very loath to do, owing to serious objection on the part of Sooey Wan.

Julia was an amiable creature who daily entrusted Sooey Wan with the suw NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET 69 of twenty-five cents to be bet for her in a Chinese lottery in Washington Alley.

Now take Tamea upstairs and dress her while I call on Sooey Wan and set dinner back half an hour.

Ordinarily, Sooey Wan permitted himself few liberties with his boss, but upon occasions when his acute intuition told him that the boss was low in spirits, Sooey Wan always forgot that Dan was his boss.

The years fell away and 80 NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET 81 Dan was just a ten-year-old, and he and Sooey Wan were making red dragon kites in the kitchen and planning to fly them the following Saturday from Twin Peaks.

It had been Sooey Wan who had imparted to Dan a respect for the inflexible code of the Chinese that a man shall honor his father and his mother and accord due reverence to the bones of his ancestors and the land that gave him birth.

It had been Sooey Wan who, inveterate gambler himself, nevertheless taught Dan that when a man loses he shall take his losses smilingly and never neglect to pay his debts.

Dan knew the old Chinaman for the treasure he was and nothing that Sooey Wan might do could possibly have offended him.

In thirty-five years of perfect service to the Pritcbards, father and son, Sooey Wan had bought and paid for the few liberties he took-an occasional cigarette in their presence and about six cocktails per annum.

And Sooey Wan chuckled like a malevolent old gnome, while Dan laughed with him.

The Chinese lottery was then discussed, with Sooey Wan adverting with delightful regularity to the fact that Mrs.