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Sonu (actress)

Sonu Gowda, also credited as Shruthi Ramakrishna, is an Indian film actress. She made her debut in the Kannada film Inthi Ninna Preethiya and appeared in films including Paramesha Panwala and Gulama. She has also starred in a few Tamil films.


Sonu is an Indian given name. People with this name include:

  • Sonu Shamdasani (born 1962), British male writer
  • Sonu Walia (born 1964), Indian Bollywood actress
  • Sonu Shivdasani (born 1965), British male hotelier
  • Sonu Nigam (born 1973), Indian male playback singer
  • Sonu Kakkar (born 1979), Indian female playback singer
  • Sonu Sood (born 1973), Indian actor
  • Sonu (actress) (Sonu Gowda, born 1990), Indian Kannada film actress
  • Sonu Beniwal (born 1993), Indian male footballer
  • Sonu Singh (born 1995), Indian male cricketer
  • Sonu Chandrapal, Indian actress
  • Sonu Ratra, Indian-born American female entrepreneur