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Sonsón is a municipality in the Colombian department of Antioquia. Sonsón is located in Eastern Antioquia. It is one of the seats of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Sonsón–Rionegro. Sonsón celebrates "Las Fiestas Del Maíz"- ('Festival of the Corn') during the month of August, being the most traditional, historical and representative festival in western Colombia.


Sonson may refer to:

  • Sonsón, a Colombian municipality.
  • SonSon, an arcade game by Capcom.
  • Sonson (Capcom character), a fighting game character who is the granddaughter of the original Sonson from the above game.
  • Sonson, a descendant of the sonson of Columbia who resides in St.Lucia b.k.a MyGweh.