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n. (plural of son English)

Sons (novel)

Sons is the sequel to the novel The Good Earth, and the second book in The House of Earth trilogy by Pearl S. Buck. It was first published in 1932.

The story tackles the issue of Wang Lung's sons and how they handle their father's estate after his death. It deals mostly with the youngest son, who goes off to war in The Good Earth, and his son.

Sons (1996 film)

Sons is a 1996 Chinese film directed by Zhang Yuan. Detailing the collapse of a family due to alcoholism, Sons straddles the line between fiction and documentary, as the film's "actors" all play themselves in reenactments of their own lives.

Zhang came upon the idea of making a film about a family's collapse into alcoholism after hearing about the story of his downstairs neighbors, former professional dancers, and their two grown sons.

The film was privately financed and was made outside of the traditional studio system. As a result, Sons was never screened in China.

Sons (2006 film)

Sons is a 2006 Norwegian film focusing on the conflict between a pederast and the boys with whom he has had intimate relationships (his "sons"). It is Erik Richter Strand's first feature film as a director, and the feature-film debut of producer Eric Vogel and cinematographer Johan-Fredrik Bødker.

Sons (band)

Sons, (stylized, SONS), formerly Sons of God, was an American Christian music band from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They started making music in 2007 and disbanded in 2008, only to reform in 2009, and disbanded again in 2013. Their members were Aaron Newberry, Ethan Kattau, David Gedders and Chris Erickson when they finally disbanded, with former members being Jacob Bundren and Michael Lopez.

Usage examples of "sons".

He had rightfully won his reputation during the nine years of the Riftwar -which had ended the year before the twins’ birth - after taking command of the garrison at Crydee, his family’s castle, when only a few months older than his sons were now.

Her royal manner masked her concern for her sons from all but those who knew her most intimately.

His gaze lingered on his elder sons and showed his anger in full measure, though only those close to him would recognize it as such.

The Princess of Krondor came to stand between her sons and peered through the window as a joyous Nicholas was lured into an overbalanced extension and found himself suddenly disarmed.

His sons followed quickly after, and soon all three stood on the top of an old tower, near the centre of the royal palace, overlooking the city of Krondor.

Then understand that from this day forth you are no longer my sons alone, Borric.

Rank and a well-placed bribe had given the sons of the Prince of Krondor two of the best seats for the match, at the mid-field line halfway up the stands.

What if I am supposed to withhold my envoy, keep my sons at home with me?

The fact of their being without clothing is of little importance to the true-blood, but the Empress, as her mother before, finds their treatment at the hands of their husbands, sons, and fathers personally distasteful.

He looked out through the breezeway to where Rulf and his sons were tacking up the horses.

The teams were composed of the sons of the castle's servants, a few pages, and two of the younger squires.

Who were your sons, and why would you think I was the man who caused their death?

The raid was an ill-conceived plot to irritate the Overlord dreamed up by my sons and some hotheads from the other clans.

Their daughter and two sons sat in the corner, planning to escape into the city with some of younger courtiers in the palace as soon as it was acceptable to excuse themselves.

Bellamy's two sons were back supervising the rebuilding of both Carse and Crydee.