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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

unit of loudness, 1936, from Latin sonus (see sound (n.1)).


n. (context acoustics English) a subjective unit of loudness for an average listener equal to the loudness of a 1000-hertz sound that has an intensity 40 decibels above the listener's own threshold of hearing


n. a unit of perceived loudness equal to the loudness of a 1000-hertz tone at 40 dB above threshold


The sone is a unit of how loud a sound is perceived. The sone scale is linear. Doubling the perceived loudness doubles the sone value. Proposed by Stanley Smith Stevens in 1936, it is a non- SI unit.

In acoustics, loudness is the subjective perception of sound pressure. The study of apparent loudness is included in the topic of psychoacoustics and employs methods of psychophysics.

Usage examples of "sone".

To force a divorce from Miho, so as to get Sone unrelated and therefore killable, Mifune transformed her and set the terms of alleviation.

And steering surfaces that would put Sones and his crew in harnesses like those pilots.

Jeff Sones, the missile-control officer, reported the system cycled for launch.

Hir thoughte hir cursed herte brast atwo, She wolde noght hir sone had do so, Hir thoughte a despit, that he sholde take So strange a creature unto his make.

Right as a swerd forkutteth and forkerveth An arme atwo, my deere sone, right so A tonge kutteth freendshipe al atwo.

My sone, God of his endelees goodnesse Walled a tonge with teeth and lippes eke, For man sholde hym avyse what he speeke.

Thus lerne children, whan that they been yonge, My sone, of muchel spekyng yvele avysed, Ther lasse spekyng hadde ynough suffised, Comth muchel harm-thus was me toold and taught.

Lady, thy bountee, thy magnificence, Thy vertu, and thy grete humylitee, Ther may no tonge expresse in no science, For somtyme, lady, er men praye to thee, Thou goost biforn of thy benyngnytee And getest us the lyght, thurgh thy preyere, To gyden us unto thy sone so deere.

Thow mayde and mooder, doghter of thy sone, Thow welle of mercy, synful soules cure, In whom that God for bountee chees to wone, Thow humble and heigh, over every creature Thow nobledest so ferforth oure nature, That no desdeyn the makere hadde of kynde, His sone in blood and flessh to clothe and wynde, Withinne the cloistre blisful of thy sydis Took mannes shape the eterneel love and pees, That of the tryne compas lord and gyde is, Whom erthe and see and hevene out of relees Ay heryen, and thou, virgine wemmelees, Baar of thy body, and dweltest mayden pure, The creatour of every creature.

This noble kyng, this Tarte Cambynskan, Hadde two sones on Elpheta his wyf, Of whiche the eldeste highte Algarsyf, That oother sone was cleped Cambalo.

But in the same ship as he hir fond, Hir and hir yonge sone, and al hir geere, He sholde putte, and croude hir fro the lond, And chargen hir she never eft coome theere.

I wol namoore as now speke of hir ryng, Til it come eft to purpos for to seyn How that this faucoun gat hire love ageyn Repentant, as the storie telleth us, By mediacioun of Cambalus, The kynges sone, of which that I yow tolde.