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n. (label en neologism) The profound feeling of realizing that everyone, including strangers passed in the street, has a life as complex as one's own, which they are constantly living despite one's personal lack of awareness of it.

Usage examples of "sonder".

Circle of Friends and made 1943 and 1944 monetary contributions to the Sonder Konto S.

When they hit all the blast buttons on the Sonder Ditch Mine, they fired eighteen tons of Dynagel.

The Sonder Ditch represented an investment of one hundred and fifty million Rand, two hundred and twenty million dollars.

The Sonder Dam was running twenty to twenty-five penny-weights per ton.

Johnny Delange was twenty-seven years old, and he was top rock breaker on the Sonder Ditch.

Johnny Delange earned more than the General Manager of the Sonder Ditch.

Terry hoped the relief in her voice was not obvious, she had been racking her badly flustered brains for an excuse to visit the Sonder Ditch again or have Rod Ironsides come to Johannesburg.

Dr Peter Wessels who is at present head of a research team in Rock Mechanics based on the Sonder Ditch mine property.

His researches are directly related to the Ventersdorp quartzites which comprise the country rock of the Sonder Ditch workings.

The drive will puncture the vast underground reservoir and the water will run back and flood the entire Sonder Ditch workings.

You are the best private secretary within a hundred miles of the Sonder Ditch.

The Sonder Ditch was his now and, by God, he was going to shoot his own first blast on her.

A person who purchased a big packet of Sonder Ditch shares immediately before the reef was intersected would be a very rich man when he came to sell those shares later.

Owing to small deposits of coal and other organic substance in the upper stratas of rock, the Sonder Ditch was classed as a fiery mine and subject to the Government legislation covering this subject.

Not one of her friends had ever had the General Manager of the Sonder Ditch Gold Mining Company call at their home.